PSRX Detox Day Facial


Oxygen facials maximize cell regeneration & reduces the damaging effects of environment, pollutants & stress on the skin. Includes Deep cleansing, skin analysis, enzyme exfoliate, diamond  tip microdermabrasion. Oxygen infused serums penetrate the skin deeply delivering antioxidants, vitamins  & nutrients to nourish the skin, followed by Retinol anti-aging masque to create radiance and intense renewal.  *All of our facials incl. massage, steam, hot towels & extraction

Add On Services $40 each

Pumpkin -  for all types of skin
Salicylic acid - for acne prone skin & oil control
AHA - Combination of fruity acids best delivery system for ageless skin
Glycolic - heals sun damage & for mature skin
Lactic - for sensitive skin

PSRX LED Light Therapy Facial


This treatment is customized for your skin care needs. Whether it is for anti-aging, acne or post surgery healing. Deep cleansing, skin analysis, diamond tip exfoliation, followed by LED light specific to you skin type & needs, along with additional masque to heal, treat acne or restore your skin. *All of our facials incl. massage, steam, hot towels & extractions 

Add On Services $40 each


Collagen Extracellular Matrix -  smooth fine lines for renewed skin
Hydrating -  hyaluronic acid leaves your skin glowing 
Vitamin C - minimize sun damage, brighten skin and tighten pores
Gold - vital mineral for our skin to stimulate collagen, for healthy, bright, firm & hydrated skin

Add On Services $40 each

Oxygen - helps by circulating blood flow for dark circles under her eyes, delivers vital nutrients infused deep into the skin leaving your skin glowing
Microdermabrasion - to smooth fine lines and leave your skin polished
Microdermabrasion of d√©colletage  & neck 
Ultrasound - used with vitamins A & C and antioxidants penetrating the skin at a deeper level to create beautiful skin
LED Light Masque - red light to stimulate collage, blue to kill bacteria & pink to heal post surgery 

PSRX Hydro Facial


Water microdermabrasion combines the efficiency of microdermabrasion, vacuum system and water infused hydration system. 
Hydra facial has three main serums applicators:  Active serums to cleanse, exfoliate, extract from the skin & to infuse with AHA  & antioxidant serum along with Vitamins A, E & hyaluronic acid. Only impurities removed from the skin nothing else & the serums continue to penetrate skin for days. 

PSRX Diamonds & Gold Facial


A facial worth its weight in diamonds & gold. Includes deep cleansing, skin analysis, enzyme exfoliant, diamond tip microdermabrasion to smooth & polish skin. Our 24 karat gold masque is used for hyperpigmentation & to stimulate collagen, also allowing for maximum hydration, smoothness & ageless skin. *All our facials incl. massage, steam, hot towels & extractions 

PSRX Collagen Facial


Plump it up without invasive injectables. Includes deep cleansing, skin analysis, AHA acid infused with Pumpkin peel to erase the lines of time, diamond tip microdermabrasion to smooth & polish skin. Rejuvenate & firm  the texture of your skin with our signature Privileged Skin Rx Collagen & Redefining Collagen & Peptide Masque.  *All of our facials incl. massage, steam, hot towels & extraction